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here is a typical elevation which shows to levels of housing on retail space. there you can also the the pv shading device which provides shade

here is "slightly" tilted elevation of the building faceing main & mcgowen

here the focus is on the atrium where color lights would be use to light up the pass throughs in between both sides of the building.

another shot with different lights.

interior of the atrium which lies along that axis of main & mcgowen to anita & travis. this axis important in odering our site and our structure.

another shot of interior of atrium with different set of colored lights.

here you can see a snapshot of the roof gardens that we proposed on the top of our structure.

On the exterior of the building we wanted to break up the facade so the use of color was a good way for us to achieve that. It is known that color has a definite correlation with the way we feel in and around spaces. We wanted people to feel good in and around the building. 


team members:

fuad kareem

elizabeth pavlicek

adam ruelas

ryan diraimo