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here is a typical wall section of our building.

here is a detail of typical column to slab connection.

this shows the layout of our parking spaces which rest quite nicely on our column grid.

atrium section which uses a mullion-less glass system.

here is a section of where the billboard sits. the bill boars would use a LCD or LED system.

a detail of the garden roof proposed for our structure

here is a detail of how the pv shade works and what it exactly looks like.

here is a free standing pv shade which would be used along paths and in the green space since digging is quite hard to do for 2 levels of parking.

The structure of our building consists of one-way concrete slab which uses fly ash concrete for sustainability.  It raises 75 feet high and has 7 levels with two underneath levels of parking.  There was an emphasis early on to use concrete for its cheapness and ease.  We also wanted the structure to be easy to erect to create formworks for it. 
team members:

fuad kareem

elizabeth pavlicek

adam ruelas

ryan diraimo