Hyperboloids are created by angling a strait line and rotating it along 2 circles or by taking a parabola and rotating it. The hyperboloids lends it strength to the transversal strait lines that run angular in its geometry. Since these angular lines rest on top of one another although they are in tension they are also in compression. A hyperboloid has the same structural concepts as other hyper paraboloids meaning that the structure finds itself in compression and tension. It uses a reinforcing steel grid to keep the outward parts of the upward parabola in tension delivering these tensile forces downward into the concrete which is good in compression.

Cathedral in Brasilia Brazil, Architect Oscar Niemeyer  

Shukhov Tower Moscow Russia Architect Shukhov

St. Louis Planetarium, St. Louis MO Architect Gyo Obata

Cathedral in Brasilia
St. Louis Planetarium
Shukhov Tower

A common application for hyperboloids is cooling tower.
































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