bebop spaces

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First you learn your instrument. Then you learn music.
Then you forget both of those and just blow.

–Dizzy Gillespie

Bebop SPACES is a theoretical investigation inspired by the master and alternate takes of the jazz performance entitled Leap Frog, by Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. The recordings feature a series of improvisational layers, one portion interacting and superseding the other. Representations of space, line, volume, and texture are implied in the music. The designer hears the three-dimensional space of interpenetrating movements juxtaposed and projected against complex geometries.

This award winning project has been exhibited and performed on numerous occasions listed below. This incremental and additive series consists of improvisational “takes” that spontaneously manipulate and articulate disparate links, connections, joints, and transitions. This work abstracts the jazz vehicle into an inventive and individualized formal language of architecture, transposing theme and variation, contracting and dilating scale, ascending and descending through rhythm, interplay, counterpoint, progression, interpenetration, tension, release, etc. The work, as in a jazz master performance, is evaluated on the basis of the seriousness, rigor, spontaneity, and passion of the thought and exploration of the take. The study ultimately analyses, translates, and reinterprets jazz improvisation as architecture.

ACSA Annual Meeting Salt Lake City March 30 - April 02 2006
Ryerson University Toronto September 27 - October 15 2004
University of Utah January 19 - February 13 2004
Texas Tech Unversity October 2003
University of New Mexico April 14 - May 2 2003

Bebop Spaces: Master Take Architecture Music Acoustics Toronto June 8-10 2006
Bebop Spaces ACSA Proceedings 2006 Getting Real: Design Ethos Now
ASCA Faculty Design Awards 2005-2006
Bebop Space/Leap Frog ACSA West 2002 Cal Poly San Luis Obsipo

Presentations and Performances
Diminishing the gap between Design and Technology TSA Convention Dallas Nov 4 2006
Order and Variation on a Theme: Architecture and Jazz Texas Tech COA Syposium February 25 2006
Design Improvisation and Order ACSA Annual Meeting 2003 Louisville
Improvisation and Speed ACSA West Central 2002 University of Nebraska Lincoln

Previous writings on Jazz and Architecture
Institute for Jazz Studies at Fort Adams Park form•Z Joint Studies Report 2004-2005
Variations on a Theme: A Jazz Institute at Corlear’s Hook ACSA Annual Meeting 1999 Minneapolis
Improvisation and Articulation: The Jazz Studio ACSA European Conference 1996 Copenhagen
Improvisational Analogies: The Jazz Studio Beginning Design Conference 1996 Louisiana State